A practice

Photography, as any language, may ‘wound or seduce.’ My practice is discursive, and often formal. If my little collections as a whole or individually give some pleasure, I intend to seduce rather than to wound. I can often give some hint of my provocations or excursions. Responses are varied, eclectic. I often wonder if they should bear the weight of the words. I am a print maker, often a hybrid, mixed media, but mostly photography based. I make pictures and take pictures, sometimes they are born of laughter, sometimes by pain; by study, or happenstance. Highly eclectic discrete series, exploring the grammars of photography. My inflections the interactions, with the chemistry, and the machinery. I remain fascinated by the variety of materials and techniques to affect the work and the final expression and a possible emotional response to a piece of paper.

Lost Language #01 [digital capture 2011]

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