Statement: Pictures of Pulp

As they are photographs there is the notion that they existed in time and space. Amorphous structures, one can see that they are something and not a pure abstraction. The masses disappear into light. To give significance to light by means of form as apposed to much of my photography that gives significance to form by means of light.

Pictures of Pulp. The rectangular shapes are the result of a corporate commission for a paper company. I was given several eight and half by eleven inch boxes of pulp. Essentially a thick card stock. The paper company wanted something for the Montreal boardroom and I was given a free hand. Pictures of Paper. The square format are the result of some playing with a structure of various pieces of card stock and some sonotubes which I had for another project.

 I wonder if I had had a first class art education I would have known Francis Bruguière’s ‘Cut Paper Abstraction’ in 1993 when these were made? Even a good education might not have brought me to the work of Czech Jaroslav Rössler. Decades later it is an easy computer stroll through a history of photography and painting to see antecedents.

Vaguely reminiscent of one of the various ‘isms’ from the previous century. Head of Peasant Girl : Malevich, Sails : Arthur Dove`, Pertaining to Yachts and Yachting : Charles Sheeler, Sail in Two Movements : Charles Demuth 

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