A playful insouciance can’t be a brand,
it’s careless, maybe not careless but
it’s not thoughtful, it’s just reactive,
Well it can be thoughtful, but not long considered.
It might be considered, knowledgeable,
but not learned.
Consult the art curate.

Some think I have visited too many places for a proper brand but if you like a place I've stopped a while a wish to learn more I'm pleased to chat ... I have often stayed in places years and other work just a brief encounter ... I often wonder if the work should bear the weight of the words, but ‘blabbing’ seems a requirement but to hint at, rather than demand … gestures …

Jottings seems inconclusive, what of between diary and artist notebook? Might I be an essayist? Essays are often linear with a consecutive argument but practitioners allow themselves to approach a variety of subjects. Highly eclectic discrete series, exploring the grammars of photography, and the man, the chemistry, and the machinery interactions.

My work over the course of years is expressed with a variety of materials and techniques. At times a later day ‘f64’ member with my large format contact prints, sometimes I’m a later day pictorialist. A fan of both Edward Weston; and also Edward Steichen’s camera work who did both the pictorial and the highly detailed. Sometimes I enjoy the graphic and sometimes they are just whimsical parodies. I’ve used a variety of processes at times to take things apart and leave just a moment or a shape, a gesture or a texture.

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